Jubilee Awards

Report from the tenth anniversary award of the winners of the international contest “The Best Jewelry Store of the Year” ceremony, 2011

contest-2011.gifOn the 17th of June 2011, in the well-known Ritz –Carlton hotel a regular award of the winners of the international contest "The Best Jewelry Store of the Year" ceremony took place. This year it was a jubilee event, as the competition was held by the Navigator for Jewellery Trade magazine for the tenth time! Moreover, the magazine itself also celebrated its tenth anniversary in January. Luxury and solemnity of the setting were fully in line with the high status of the event.

Since two o’clock in the afternoon guests from all quarters of Russia were gathering in the hall of the famous Moscow Ritz Carlton hotel. And not only Russia the status of the event is so high, that it draws the attention of the world's leading jewelry associations and brands. Thus, among the guests were the representatives of two Indian organizations GJEPC (International Indian Jewelry Entrepreneurship Promotion Council) and Gitangeli company. Both, by the way, were not only in the role of honorary guests, but also as official partners of the competition.


Oksana Senatorova, the publisher of the Navigator for Jewellery Trade magazine and Gosha Kytsenko, whose face is known to everyone, who is even slightly interested in contemporary Russian cinema and theatre, emceed the ceremony. They greeted the audience, and with the first Goshas words everyone realized the significance of the event. As it was not only the competitions jubilee; the Navigator for Jewellery Trade magazine also held its tenth anniversary this year. Oksana Senatorova, the founder and the permanent head of the edition sincerely thanked all those who were with the magazine for the past ten years: Together we have overcome difficulties, learned to work modernly. We studied management and marketing, consumers and the market, learned how to buy and to sell. Together we grew and evolved, and the Russian jewelry industry was developing with us. We thank everyone who has been with us over this decade!

A traditional welcome letter to the participants and guests of the ceremony came from the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the RF. The significance of the event was highlighted by the presence of the heads of the Assay Chamber and Administration of the State Assaying Inspectorate of the Russian Federation.


Then the long-awaited award of the winners started. The owners and the managers of the best jewelry shops and chains of shops of Russia received their just rewards in the following categories:

1. «The best facade»

2. The best decoration of the shop

3. The best management of the sales

4. The best management of service

5. The best promotion

6. The best conception

7. The best staff training

8. Precious nets - for nets of 5 and more jewelers

9. The best watch shop

10. Special awards

11. Grand Prix

The masters congratulated the winners and solemnly announced that the principal moment of the ceremony came, and everybody would know who that lucky one, awarded GRAND PRIX of the jubilee award ceremony was. Everyone held breath and … the fanfare blared forth, and the owner of Tutankhamon jewelry store from Tula, Vyatcheslav Ivanovich Kondrashov, with his wife, was invited to the stage! His shop became the absolute, safe winner of The Best Jewelry Store of the Year contest.


The ovation was over, the winners and the participants of the ceremony relaxed, and the event moved smoothly to its informal stage, for the guests to socialize and strike up new business acquaintances.




Alex Popov, President of the Moscow Diamond Bourse:

Popov.gifWhy are such events so important? The main thing is that here we meet people of similar interests. And when jewelers, working at the market, see that a responsible firm sells proper goods, that at this market you can work and do something good, they feel great security. After all, the majority of Russian retailers suffer from lack of information. That is, either they havent seen anything good or have seen, but very little. The second problem is lack of money, but this is a minor problem, because if you work well, money will appear. No need to reinvent the wheel; just look at how successful jewelers sell in France, Italy, etc. Copy and then, when things look promising, think of something of your own."

Rajiv Jain, Chairman of the Indian Council for the promotion of export of precious stones and jewelry:

Jain.gifI have especially come to Russia to develop the cooperation between Russia and India. Last year we had quite a large number of customers, and this year we have come to expand our cooperation. We want the Russian culture to accept the Indian culture; and the interaction on a higher level would start. India produces a great number of diamonds and jewelry. 12 million items is exported annually. Apart from the fact that India is one of the main suppliers of colored precious stones, we produce very beautiful jewelry. And Russian jewelry sellers, after visiting the Indian Jewelry Week, will be able to appreciate all the opportunities of the country and it will help them to promote their own business. Such events, as todays ceremony, are very important for us. We are its partners, as the best Russian jewelers gather here. It is of great interest for us, as we get possibilities to carry on a dialogue and represent our country, to show that we also have wonderful jewelry and this cooperation is interesting for us!

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