We are pleased to welcome you at the web-site of our magazine "Navigator for Jewelry Trade", devoted to modern jewelry trading.

«Navigator for Jewelry Trade» includes:

  • A great deal of information concerning the latest events and the lay of the lands at Russian jewelry trade market;
  • Our colleague’s experience in jewelry trading;
  • Methods of increasing the sales and making a profound choice of the jeweller's product range;
  • Articles concerning the ways of managing economic recessions while running a jeweller's;
  • Manufactures’ and suppliers of jeweller's news about the novelties and specialties of the latest jewelry collections

This web-side is for those who are in or are intending to enter the jewelry market.

"Navigator for Jewelry Trade" magazine is the first professional periodical about the technologies and culture of jewelry trading. "Navigator for Jewelry Trade" is a captivating and practical retailers periodical. Every article is accompanied by recommendations of masters and experts of the jewelry industry comments. Magazine’s authors live and work in various Russian cities what enables the periodical to make an objective and thorough reflection of the jewelry trading business both in the capital and in the regions of Russia.


"Navigator for Jewelry Trade" readership includes the owners and directors, administrative managers and merchandise specialists of the jeweller’s and their retail chains. Our magazine is for those who omit banalities and are always in search of creative ideas.

Publisher's imprint

  • Foundation: 2001
  • Circulation: 10 000-12 000 copies
  • Targeting: B2B
  • Colour grades: full-coloured
  • Frequency of releases: 10 issues a year

Magazine archieves

For the subscribers of our magazine all articles are available on-line on our web-site, while site population is unable to read some of the articles.

Read in each magazine

  • Counter-recession management - ways of overcoming market’s recessions;
  • Analysis - statistics, social surveys’ results and и marketing researches’ findings;
  • Market reviews - reviewing various segments of Russian jewelry market, analyzing the leader manufactures, current tendencies, forecasting possible prospects;
  • Retailer’s guide book - useful data for qualified retailers;
  • Merchandising - the art of merchandising in the jeweller’s from the outdoor sign to jewellery layout;
  • Promotion - managing a jeweller’s store marketing campaign: tips and hints;
  • Stores construction - founding a new store: from ideas to results;
  • Markering - secrets of efficient interaction with various groups of consumers;
  • Assay Chamber News- news and statistics, opinions and comments, reports and events;
  • Law and justice - juridical case-studies, experts’ answers to the readers questions.


Do not hesitate to contact out marketing department in case of any questions concerning publishing your advertisements in "Navigator for Jewelry Trade"  journal.